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The language of Design

  The Elements of Design Space - A wall enclosed a space, defined it and articulated it. Form and shape - Shapes are square, circular, cubic, round, etc. Form takes account of shape, internal structure. Area - A two dimensional extent of shape. Plane - A two dimensional shape. Shapes are categorised as rectilinear, angled or curved. Most spaces are a combination of them. Lines are categoriesed as vertical, horizontals, diagonals, big upward curves, horizontal curves, large downward curves, small curves. Texture and ornament - Texture refers to the surface quality of materials. Ornament refers to the decorative qualities. Principles of design Balance - Symmetrical balance is when one side of something is the exact rivers of the other half. Asymmetrical balance refers to informal and active results when the visual weights are equivalent but not identical. Radial balance is a circular movement out from, towards, or around a focal point. Rhythm - Continuity and organised movement which con

How to select an Interior design course?

10 tips to choosing the right interior design course You have to look at the syllabus that is taught. It must include: Perspective views in axonometric, isometric, one point and two point perspective views. Furniture designing estimation and detailing. Electrical layout planning & designing. All theory topics related to interior decoration and designing. Civil engineering related to interior decoration. Survey drawing business guides history of interior designing and other related topics to interior designing. Residential design projects Designing showroom that sell various types of consumer goods. Ex: jewelry, clothes, electronics,  footwear etc. Various types of commercial offices. Ex: Bank, travel agency, advertising agency etc. Various types of professional offices. Ex: Architects office etc.

Interior design career - Scope, demand & opportunities

Interior designing is the basic necessity of life just like food clothing and shelter. Every premises has to be furnished to make it possible to be occupied for various types of activities. A shopping mall has hundreds of sales outlets. Similarly an office complex and residential complex. The scope of earning very well is tremendous. There will be no shortage of work. If you charge as consultancy fees just 5% of total cost of interior decoration, 10 lakh project will get you  ₹ 50,000 rupees in about 1 month. Consultancy fees varies from 5% to 20% of total interior decoration cost. You can charge lump sum fees. Once you become famous you can charge any amount as consultation fees.