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Where are interior designers most needed?

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Every premise, whether it is a home or an office or a showroom has to be interior designed and decorated. You will never be jobless.
Renovating interiors is so much in demand after every few years. Interior designing makes a person know exactly how the premises will look after it is decorated. This saves them so much of time and money.
A shopping mall will have a few hundreds of shops. You can design a couple of them simultaneously and get the work in progress simultaneously. Thus, you can earn extremely well. The same applies to buildings consisting of so many offices and homes.
Your whole life time you can earn so well working from your home as an interior design consultant with no investment at all. You just have to visit the premises which are being interior designed by you and decorated. You can earn extremely well and make all your dreams come true.

Do interior designers get paid well?

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On completion of the home study course at Auxilium School of Interior Design you do not have to to seek employment. You will be able to design all types of interiors as the course consists of 10 Interior Designing projects. They are Residence, Architects office, Fast food restaurant, Jewellery shop, Bank, Travel agency, Advertising agency, Footwear showroom, Textile showroom and a shop selling Gift Books Music etc.
You can start your career by working with famous interior designers. The salary depends on how famous they are and how talented you. Employers will look at your assignment which you have done for the course.
You can work for a few months to get experience and then you can start your own interior design consultancy working from your own home. As a consultant you can start your career designing a premises at a very low cost or even free of cost.
Once you successfully do the decoration of a few premises and if it looks beautiful recommendati…

Is interior designing a good choice?

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The most successful people in the world are those who have used their natural talent to make it their career. When you do anything for which you have a natural talent, it is very easy for you to be the best in what you do and studying is a pleasure.
As an Interior designer you work from your home and visit the premises which are being decorated. You have no investment at all. The cost of your education is so inexpensive and the duration of your education is just two to three months and you can start earning as an interior design consultant from the day you finish the home study education at Auxilium School of Interior Design

Is it hard to be an Interior designer?

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If you have the visualizing ability, if you have the ability to layout the furniture in a room in your home, you can easily be an Interior designer.The same visualizing ability applies to a shop or to an office or to a residence to plan the interior layout of the furniture and you are definitely going to be very successful interior designer.Now, all that you need is to be able to put your visualizing ability on paper and make a presentation to a client, which you can EASILY DO IN 75 DAYS studying at Auxilium School of Interior Design, Established 1989 and studying at your home.

How can I learn interior designing at home?

Welcome to of Auxilium School of Interior DesignFor the past 30 years since 1989 Auxilium School of interior design has educated students all over the world studying at their home.We send you some of the packets of assignment by PDF files & also post you a few Packets of Assignments.Each assignment is 22 inches by 14 inches. The size of 2 A3 size papers stuck side by side.Now you get a printout from any xerox shop and you start doing your assignments at home.EVERYONE OF THEM WHO COMPLETED THE COURSE HAVE WRITEN "AUXILIUM MADE MY DREAMS COME TRUE". Thanks Mathew Jacob Chakramakal, sir. Students have done it from all over the world, so you too can study. More details are in our website and

10 best things to learn from Auxilium School of interior design

The 10 design projects taught in the advanced diploma level ResidenceArchitects officeFast food restaurantJewelry shopBankTravel agencyAdvertising agencyFootwear showroomTextile showroomGift stationeryShowroom
You will be capable to start their own interior designing consultancy on completing the course

7 Things You Should Know About Becoming an Interior Designer

Do you receive compliments for your designing skills? Are you ready to give opinions when any room is being redecorated? If yes, Interior Design is probably the career you need to consider. 
Before you start searching for the best home interior design courses online, here are the 7 things you need to know about the profession:Continuous Skill EnhancementAn exceptional interior designer must have a natural understanding of colours, an eye for detail, and an intuition about space, balance, and harmony. If you want to be successful, you must continue to hone these skills and establish a strong foundation. You are Not an Interior Decorator.A lot of people might praise your sense of design, colour, and placement when it comes to decorating the house. But, that is not enough to be an expert interior designer. Your Clients can have a Different Taste.You are responsible for designing someone else’s house and their users. Remember to value your client’s taste and not force your style on them. I…